Bridge Books



             The official Laws of Duplicate Bridge can be ordered from Baron Barclay.  You should also consider buying Duplicate Decisions.  Each book costs about $8.  You can also download the Laws of Duplicate Bridge in PDF format, from the ACBL and that is a good choice if you just want to look up a rule.  At 160 pages, it may be more practical to purchase a copy rather than printing your own. 



"5 Weeks to Winning Bridge" by Alfred Sheinwold is one of the timeless classics of bridge instruction.  This paper back book is available from most online sources; such as Ebay and  It is clearly one of the best books on bridge and a must read for newer players and those players who want to improve their game.

"Introduction to Defensive Bidding" by Ron Von Der Porten is an excellent book.  It is very easy to read and the bidding problems reinforce the topics.  Both you and your partner should read this book and consider the techniques as absolutely necessary to basic defensive play.  Published in 1967, copies of this book are hard to find, but try Ebay or better still, borrow one from a friend.  (If you don't return it, you'll need to find another friend.)




"Bridge Squeezes Complete" by Clyde E. Love is an excellent how-to text on squeezes and end plays.  Fortunately this 1959 book has been upgraded and the problem hands are now available on CD.  I found copies here but feel free to do your own searching.


If you would like an easy to use book on the Two-Over-One bidding system, then I highly recommend 2/1 Game Force by Audrey Grant and Eric Rodwell.  This book is loaded with examples and practice bidding questions to reinforce the basic principles.  This is an excellent way to learn the Two-Over-One concepts.  It does not go into the various conventions that have become a standard part of the 2/1 System.  So after reading this book, then you would be ready for the Max Hardy books.


"Two over one Game Force" by Max Hardy is the standard reference book for players of the 2/1 System of bidding.  If you are looking for a book that gives you the information quickly and easily, this is not the one.  Each page seems to be an agonizing ordeal that takes considerable concentration to grasp the information.  The two-over-one system is not really that complicated, but Max Hardy had a great understanding of the subject and an ineffective communication style.  So why is this book recommended?  It is still the bible for players of 2/1 and it is complete - painfully, drudgingly complete.




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